5 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas To Add Value To Your Home.

5 Affordable Home Improvement Ideas To Add Value This Spring.

Are you a homeowner wanting to sell your property for the best possible price? Or perhaps you’re not on the move but just need some budget-friendly ideas to get your home looking ship-shape and to add some value this spring.

Finding cost effective ways to add value to your home is all important, particularly ahead of marketing it for sale. But it is important to understand what will add value in the eyes of potential buyers so you can weigh up the cost of these improvements versus the likely return you will get.

So which home improvements will give you the biggest bang for your buck?

Improving core elements and the features of your property are always a safe bet. Boilers, wiring and the condition of the roof are all common things that buyers look at during viewings, so these are things your buyer will see value in if they are newly/recently done. But they often come with a higher price tag too.

Whatever your circumstances or budget though, here are five cost-effective home improvement tips to increase the value of your home.

1. A fresh lick of paint and décor refresh

A lick of paint does wonders. The same can be said for wallpaper, new carpets or curtains.

Not only will it appeal to buyers, but if you have no plans to move anytime soon, there's no harm in redecorating every now and again to ensure your home looks its best and you continue to love living there, too.

Tip: If you are thinking about selling, keep your colour schemes neutral and avoid colours like violet and dark browns, which could polarise opinion. Colours that buyers love right now are shades of white, grey and blue.

2. Small details really matter

Seemingly insignificant and inexpensive changes can dramatically transform the appearance of your home. Here are a few examples:

Replace the handles or doorknobs on your kitchen cabinets. You could also replace the doorknobs in your bathroom or other internal doors to match creating a bit of a theme.

Image: Howdens

Fix loose wires, broken lights and leaky taps

This is a really simple thing to do, and it shows that you care about your property. Potential buyers notice and appreciate this kind of thing. And they are far more likely to want to purchase and pay more for a home that has visibly been well-maintained over something that has not.


Wash the windows

We’re getting down to basics now... Potential buyers pay attention to windows and the light they give your home. They also give a sense of how well maintained the rest of the house is. So make sure you give them a thorough wash and if your house has wooden windows, perhaps give the frames a fresh lick of paint to bring them back to life.

Consider updating your lighting 

The purpose of having lighting in your home is to make your living space brighter. Adding light to your home makes it look more spacious by creating more depth to your rooms. Proper outdoor lighting also increases your home's safety and is an attractive feature to potential homebuyers.

This Ideal Home guide has some great pointers. 

Tip: Make your light fixtures modern, also update your light switches.

 Image: Dunelm

Clean your front door and entrance

Another obvious one but so important – and so often overlooked!

First impressions last - prospective buyers start valuing your house the second they arrive! Imagine how they will be feeling as they arrive at your front door waiting to walk in. That excitement is lost in an instance at the sight of cobwebs, gook and grime that has collected on your front door and doorstep.

Sweep away the dust and dirt, lose the clutter and give your front door a fresh lick of paint if its scuffed and looking a bit tired - curb appeal is everything.

Image: London Door Company

Tidy up the garden

Please don’t neglect your garden! You don’t need green fingers or a full landscaping makeover but, minimum standard is to clear it of leaves and debris, mow the lawn and remove any weeds from paths and driveway. If you have a patio, decking or paving, be sure to give that a good clean too.

Other things to consider; put your bins/recycling bins out of sight, fix any broken fences, sheds and gates. Oh and tidy away children’s toys (or arrange them neatly) and clear up after any pets who use the garden.

Tip: If you have garden furniture, put it out for viewings! It’s a great way of showcasing those lovely sunny spots in your garden to prospective buyers.

Image: Wilko.com

3. Declutter and depersonalise to add value

Buyers want to see the space they are getting. They want to see the condition of the walls and floor, which is difficult when it is covered with other people’s belongings. By decluttering, you are also allowing the buyer to see the space and imagine themselves living in it – you are selling a lifestyle and a dream.

Nobody has the exact same taste in décor, and any future buyers must be able to visualise themselves living in your space so consider removing any decoration that shows too much personality. Just because something adds character to the property or holds personal value in your home, this doesn’t necessarily aid the property’s saleability.

4. Renovate kitchen and/or bathroom on a budget

The bathroom is always a big selling point for potential homebuyers. And a modern bathroom look can be created pretty inexpensively by replacing taps, toilet seats or other fixtures and by updating your tiles. Even if you don’t want or need to re-tile, I would strongly recommend re-grouting the tiles and give the room a deep clean as bathrooms tend to grow mould due to moisture from the shower and sinks.

You could also give your bathroom a mini makeover by adding vanity cabinets, shelving and a new mirror. Installing heated flooring is also a nice touch – great for keeping your feet warm on chilly mornings.

5. Highlight a sunny spot in the garden

It’s important to make the most of your garden’s best bits. A recent survey conducted by Rightmove in the UK showed that homes with highly-coveted south-facing gardens could be worth up to £22,000 more than those without – and one of the prime factors for adding value to a home.

Of course, there's not much you can do to change the orientation of your garden, but if you are planning to sell and don't already have one, it's time to create a defined seating area in a sunny spot in your garden so that potential buyers can picture themselves enjoying the weather.

Tip: Painting fences can really add character and light to a garden. Try painting fence panels in a neutral colour.

Image: aylwardsofcrewshill.co.uk


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